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New Security Technologies in 5G
   Publish Date 2019-12-19
   Begin Date ~ End Date 2020-01-02~2020-01-09


 This 2-day lecture covers a broad spectrum of subjects related to fundamental and new technologies of the automobile security. The lecture is structured as below.  

Day 1

Part 1: Automobile Security: An Overview (1 hour)

Part 2:  ARM Security Features (1 hour)

Part 3:  Trust Execution Environment (TEE) (1 hour)

Day 2

Part 4: 5G: An Infrastructure for Connected Automobiles (0.5 hour)

Part 5: New Security Technologies in 5G (1.5 hours)   

Part 6: Security for 5G-based V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Applications (1 hour)

   Location National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
   Contact Person 劉助理
   Email rosyjoanne@nctu.edu.tw
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