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2020 IEEE Sensors Council Summer School
   Publish Date 2020-08-18
   Begin Date ~ End Date 2020-08-29~2020-08-30

The main focus of 2020 IEEE sensors council summer school is on smart city as well as intelligent computing and applications of internet of things. It will provide a serial of speeches on the research trends of sensor and internet of things today and in the future. The 2020 IEEE sensors council summer school, to be held on August 29-30, is hosted by National Sun Yat-sen University. This activity is technically supported by IEEE, IEEE Sensors Council, IEEE Taipei Section, IEEE Sensors Council Taipei Chapter, Taiwan Association of Cloud Computing, Intelligent Center for Health Industry Technology Development and Professional Cultivation,and Library and Information Center of Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science. And it is our great pleasure to have the following eight keynote speakers: Prof. Jason Yi-Bing Lin, Prof. Paul C.-P. Chao and Prof. Chia-Mu Yu from National Chiao Tung University; Prof. Pau-Choo Chung from National Cheng Kung University; Prof. Huan Chen from National Chung-Hsing University; Prof. Fan-Hsun Tseng from National Taiwan Normal University; and Prof. Whai-En Chen and Prof. Hsin-Hung Cho from National I-lan University. They will give us eight keynote speeches regarding intelligent computing on sensor and internet of things. On behalf of the organizing committee of 2020 IEEE sensors council summer school, we would like to sincerely welcome all the participants and guests – be it on-site or online - to join this summer school. Last but not least, we hope that all of you will get some new ideas from the keynote speeches and will enjoy Sizihwan, a beautiful landscape located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

   Location National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
   Sponsor IEEE Sensors Council
   Contact Person Prof. Chun-Wei Tsai
   Email nsysu.csie.ailab@gmail.com
   Related Link https://ieee-sc-summer-school.cse.nsysu.edu.tw/

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