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  • IEEE SSCS lecture:2018/4/18(三)16:30 於台達館R211,Prof. Hoi-Jun Yoo (KAIST)-Mobile/Embedded DNN and AI SoCs
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  • Location: 國立清華大學 台達館211室
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    Prof. Hoi-Jun Yoo (KAIST)


    2018418() 16:30~18:00


    國立清華大學 台達館211



    Recently, Deep Neural Networks are changing not only the technology paradigm in electronics but also the society itself with Artificial Intelligence technologies. In this presentation, firstly, the status of AI and DNN SoCs will be reviewed from two perspectives; the data-center oriented and the mobile and embedded AIs. This dichotomy shows clearly the possible application areas for the emerging future AIs. Especially, mobile and embedded deep learning hardware will be introduced together with CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) and RNN (Recurrent Neural Network). In addition, real CMOS chip implementation results of mobile/embedded DNNs will be explained with measurement results. Secondly, KAIST’s approach integrating both sides of brain, right-brain for “approximation and adaptation hardware” and left-brain for“ precise and programmable Von Neumann architecture”, will be explained with novel design methodology.

    The deep neural networks and the specialized intelligent hardware (mimicking right brain) capable of statistical processing or learning and

    the multi-core processors (mimicking left brain) performing the precise computations including software AI are integrated on the same SoC.

    Based on this brain-mimicking SoCs, the object recognition and the augmented reality applications are implemented with low-power and high-performance for wearable devices such as smart glasses, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent robots.


    Dr. Yoo received the Korean National Medal for his contribution to Korean DRAM Industry in 2011, the Electronic Industrial Association of Korea Award for his contribution to DRAM technology the 1994, Hynix Development Award in 1995, the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association Award in 2002, Best Research of KAIST Award in 2007, Design Award of 2001 ASP-DAC, Outstanding Design Awards of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011 A-SSCC, and Korean Scientist of the Month Award (Dec. 2010). He is a member of the executive committee of Symposium on VLSI, and A-SSCC. He was the TPC chair of the A-SSCC 2008, a guest editor of IEEE JSSC and IEEE T-BioCAS. He was the TPC Chair of ISWC(International Symposium on Wearable Computer) 2010, IEEE Fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer(’10-’11), Far East Chair of ISSCC(‘10-‘11), and currently ISSCC Technology Direction Sub-committee Chair and an associate editor of IEEE TCAS-II.


    主辦單位 IEEE SSCS Taipei Chapter




    Host :張孟凡 教授

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