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  • 「2020 Women in Optics and Women in Engineering @ Taiwan」
  • date:2020-12-15
  • 發佈單位:wie支會 原始連結
  •  IEEE Taipei Section Women in Engineering (WiE) collaborated with Women in Optics (WiO) to held an activity 2020 WiO and WiE @ Taiwan on 5th Dec. in National Taipei University of Technology. We have more than 100 participants, including more than 50 professors/engineers, 35 students, and 16 kids. The topic this time is wave-particle duality: light is a wave as well as a particle. WiE/WiO are professionals and moms/wifes, just like light. The balance between work and family is a struggle. We had quantum wine to start with the event. Thereafter, OSA VP Prof. Satoshi Kawata, OSA Meredith Smith, Prof. CC Sun (President in Taiwan Photonic Society), Prof. Meng-Fan Chang (President in IEEE Taipei Section), and Prof. Yi-Jen Chiu( former president in OSA Taipei Section) gave us blessings.

    Then, Prof. Ray-Hua Horng (Female IEEE Fellow) and Prof. Hsiao-Wen Zan (IEEE Taipei Section WiE Chair, IEEE Senior Member) introduced the organization of WIO & WIE. Dr. Chuang-Chiang Tsai, CTO in E ink, shared her personal experience how she struggled with family and work in Xerox in US. Prof. Pau-Choo Chung (Female IEEE Fellow) in NCKU shared her experience about society services in IEEE. After the talks,  all members were keen to share life experiences and the responses bounced around the meeting room. Ultimately, Prof. Horng wrapped up the event. The attendees picked up the kids/husbands in “Photonic/EE Children Care” and then had light lunch together. The event was sponsored by OSA and IEEE WiE.

    2020125日週六9:30-13:30IEEE台北分會Women in Engineering (WiE)OSA資助的Women in Optics(WIO)共同於臺北科技大學舉辦活動。今年主題是光的二相性,光是粒子也是波。光電電機女性既是高科技專家也同時是媽媽/太太,往往疲累於高壓工作與忙碌家庭的平衡。一開始以量子酒展開儀式,開幕式後,OSA VP Prof. Satoshi KawataOSA Meredith Smith、光電學會理事長孫慶成教授、IEEE台北分會會長張孟凡教授、OSA台北分會前會長邱逸仁教授致詞。 接著,由洪瑞華教授(女性IEEE Fellow)與冉曉雯教授(IEEE Taipei Section WiE Chair, IEEE Senior Member)分別介紹WIOWIE,介紹成立之宗旨目的與期望提供的服務。然後,由元太科技的技術長蔡娟娟博士分享她個人於美國全錄工作的經驗,蔡博士是如何用正面樂觀的方式面對高壓的工作與家庭育兒生活,人生有太多的事要做了,不是每件事都可以做的盡善盡美,要懂得抓住輕重緩急,其他的就讓他去吧,不用逼死自己。蔡博士充滿人生高度的分享很鼓勵著後輩!另一位演講者是成大詹寶珠教授,她也是女性IEEE Fellow,詹教授分享她在IEEE國際組織中如何積極參與,申請經費辦活動的點滴經驗。一步一腳印的走進國際發揮影響力!許多的珍貴人生經驗與正面價值觀,讓後輩的我們收穫滿滿。最後40分鐘的討論分享,與會者熱烈的討論分享,與共振般的迴響與回應,讓會議完美落幕。最後,成員們與「科普遊戲室(光電電機托兒)」小朋友會合,一同享用午餐與繼續互相認識、聊天、交流。